UK Swiss Made Replica IWC Pilot’s Watch Doppelchronograph ref. 3713 Online

Only a couple of weeks ago, we were reminded of the brilliance of the UK fake IWC Pilot’s Watch Doppelchronographs from the 1990s. Friend of Fratello and “resident” watchmaker Paul brought the Swiss replica IWC Pilot’s Watch Doppelchronograph ref. 3713 to the office, and Lex, Robert-Jan, and I agreed this was a golden time for luxury fake IWC Pilot’s Watch collection.

Lex wrote a great in-depth piece about the watch in which he explained what makes the IWC Pilot ref. 3713 replica for men and its predecessor, the ref. 3711 is still so relevant. I personally love that the early UK fake IWC Pilot’s Watch Doppelchronograph models combine innovation, functionality, and great looks. As Lex explained, the aptly named Doppelchronograph is the first-ever double chronograph that used cams for both the split-second and the chronograph. The movement of perfect 1:1 replica watches use the well-loved Valjoux 7750 as the base. Added is an innovative split-seconds chronograph module designed by Richard Habring.

The Valjoux 7750 at its base makes sure that the AAA quality fake IWC is reliable, sturdy, and easy to service. Additionally, it is one of the most legible chronographs ever produced. Add a great deal of charm, and this is basically the full package. The top Swiss copy IWC ref. 3711 is also an option, of course. That was produced from 1992 until 1996 when it was replaced by this ref. 3713. The luxury replica IWC Pilots ref. 3711 features a domed sapphire crystal compared to the flat sapphire crystal of its successor.

Additionally, the watch uses tritium instead of SuperLumiNova — except for some transitional models. The cheap fake IWC UK was in production until 2005. In the last two years, it came only with the Spitfire-dial. Forget about those and focus on the original version. Both the Swiss movement replica IWC ref. 3711 and the ref. 3713 are available for around €6,000. This will buy you the best chronographs from that era.