UK luxury fake Patek Philippe and all the jazz — Inventory number P 1247

For those who think that just one picture of an ultra-rare Ref. 1563 split-seconds chronograph is just not nearly enough, I can only try to ease the pain by telling you exactly where you can find one. Duke Ellington’s watch, which perfect fake Patek Philippe UK gave the inventory number P 1247, is located on the first floor of the Patek Philippe Museum in showcase 89. The address of the museum? Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 7, 1205 Geneva; most definitely worth a visit because of the vast collection — around 3,000 pieces — of not just luxury replica Patek Philippe clocks, pocket watches, and wristwatches, but also because of the presence of important and rare timepieces from different watchmakers that shaped and define the world of horology.

The ultra-rare Ref. 1563
The best 1:1 replica Patek Philippe Ref. 1563 is the rare and more complicated variant of the Ref. 1463 chronographs. There are a lot of similarities between the two watches — for instance, the same water-resistant, screwed-in case back, the same 13-ligne base caliber, and similar round pushers to operate the chronograph. But the 1563 is twice the chronograph: it’s a rattrapante. And the 1563 is also much rarer than the 1463. There are just three known examples of the 1563, of which two were owned by famous people — the jazz legend Duke Ellington and the living copy watch legend Jean-Claude Biver.

The former Biver watch differs from the Ellington one in the museum because it has a pulsometer scale instead of a tachymeter scale. Both watches are extremely valuable, as you would imagine. The AAA super clone Patek Philippe Museum bought Duke Ellington’s Ref. 1563 at a 2013 Christie’s auction for US$1,593,396 after “fierce bidding” according to the records of the auction house. And in 2014, auction house Christie’s sold Biver’s Ref. 1563 (with movement number 862’420 and case number 630’552) for CHF 965,000. If both high quality replica watches were to come up for auction now, in today’s heated auction climate, double those prices are low and risk-free estimates.

Dr. Peter Friess talks about the real star
I came to see the Ref. 1563 and talk about the watch with Dr. Peter Friess, the curator of the Swiss made fake Patek Philippe Museum. And we did, but not in the way I expected. “The watches are the real stars, you know?” Dr. Friess said very early into the interview after just one sip of my coffee. It came as a bit of a surprise, but luckily, Dr. Friess elaborated both on the brand’s philosophy and the origin of the Ref. 1563 on the first floor.‘

Three Ref. 1563s, only one Duke Ellington
Important best quality copy watches online getting lost is always a sad thing for horology fans with an interest in history. But it doesn’t always have to end this way. When Count Basie died, his Calatrava, with the inscription “To the Count, from Norman” on the case back, was offered for sale from his estate. It was Norman Granz, the man who gifted Basie the watch, who bought it, but not to keep for himself. Rather, he gifted it to Oscar Peterson — a man with a great passion for watches and an immense and diverse collection to show for it — who treasured that top copy Patek Philippe Calatrava for the rest of his life.

Count Basie’s high end copy Patek Philippe Calatrava is most likely still in the possession of the Peterson family today and therefore not on public display, unfortunately. But Duke Ellington’s watch is. And although the watch is considered the star by Swiss movement replica Patek Philippe, in this final paragraph, I dare to argue. Sure, there are only three known Ref. 1563 split-second chronographs in existence, but there was just one Duke Ellington. Nobody can argue with that.