Perfect Fake Hublot Classic Fusion Original Watches UK Go Back To Where It All Began

What We Know

If you awoke today, groggy from a 35-year stint in cryogenic hibernation, and you wanted best replica watches that would remind you of the sleek, dazzling veneer of the 1980s long since past, it’s hard to think of anything more fitting than a Hublot – especially one like the newly announced Classic Fusion Original. A direct tribute to the original Hublot created by founder Carlo Crocco in 1980, the new Classic Fusion Original comes in your choice of three different materials and three different sizes, all of which look to connect the Classic Fusion with its roots as disruptively luxurious Swiss fake watches.

Perfect for planning your next hostile takeover, Hublot is offering the Classic Fusion Original replica watches for sale in 33, 38, and 42mm sizing and each of the three sizes come in titanium, black magic (ceramic), or yellow gold. Regardless of the size and case material, all of the nine available versions have a polished black dial, minimal markings, a white-on-black date at three, and come on a black rubber strap with hardware that matches the case. While the original Hublot ruffled feathers in the early ’80s by offering a precious metal watch on a rubber strap, hublot has expanded the scope here and the gold still manages to feel like the oddball option.

The movement in use for the 38 and 42mm sizings is the Hublot MHUB1110, which is based on the Sellita SW300-1 and as such is an automatic Swiss-made movement that ticks at 4 Hz and has 42 hours of power reserve. The 33mm Classic Fusion Originals use the HUB2913 quartz movement with a battery life of 3-5 years. In either spec, it’s clear that Hulot is aware that this isn’t 1:1 UK copy watches that someone is buying for the movement but rather for the style and statement of the design and its lineage as a watch that challenged the conventions surrounding rubber straps for luxury watches.

Pricing ranges from $6,500 for the 33mm titanium AAA replica Hublot Classic Fusion Original watches with the quartz movement all the way up to $24,100 for the solid yellow gold 42mm automatic. In the meaty middle, we find the 38mm versions at $7,900 for titanium, $8,500 in ceramic, and $20,500 for the yellow gold offering.

What We Think

Of the three sizes, I suppose it’s of little surprise that I rather prefer the 38mm and I’d imagine that as much as I like the idea of the solid gold option, I would opt for the lower cost and versatility of titanium. Also, while I wouldn’t go as far as to call any of the top 2023 super clone Hublot Classic Fusion Original watches inexpensive, I was surprised to see a four-figure price point for the titanium and Black Magic ceramic options.  

In terms of the execution, I think high quality Hublot replica watches has done well here by mostly sticking with what was established by the original. At a glance, the new models appear very similar, but Hublot fans will notice a handset that is thicker than the original, larger crowns, a somewhat more squared-off lug shape, thicker bezels, the aforementioned white-on-black date wheel, and an updated bezel design with six screws rather than the original’s twelve smaller screws. Very similar, sure, but not a one-to-one recreation.

All told, I see it as a logical evolution of the Classic Fusion in a time for the cheap fake watches industry that remains obsessed with original designs, anniversaries, and revivals. If anything, it’s a couple of years later than we might have expected and, aside from the omission of the hour/minute markers and the less-is-more application of dial text, these new models are quite similar to what Hublot offers in the existing Classic Fusion line, including the 42, 38, 33mm sizing.

I don’t see that as a bad thing at all, but rather, it confirms that a few small changes have created luxury replica watches that I would love to try on my own wrist and see with my own eyes (maybe at Watches and Wonders in a couple of months). Alongside some of the truly wild stuff that Hublot has announced for LVMH Watch Week, the Classic Fusion Original may feel downright plain, but as a production model with sizes for a wide variety of wrists, it might just be the kind of Hublot to win over some new fans for the brand, especially any self-proclaimed ’80’s guys.