The Luxury Swiss Fake Patek Philippe Watches UK Harry Kane Wore For His Bayern Unveiling Proves He Is The Most Underrated Player In The Watch World

With the number of millions agreed and the plane finally booked, surely the only thing Harry Kane had left to mull over ahead his move to Bayern Munich was: what’s my unveiling Swiss made replica watches flex gonna be?

Because while the striker might not know quite how many lederhosen-related gags he’ll be the butt of in the coming weeks, he definitely knows his way around a banging watch check. While most footballers spend their hard-earned (silly) money on top UK fake watches their teammates have (steel to gold versions of Rolex Daytona, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus or Aquanaut depending on their salary), Harry Kane is more of a perfect replica watches connoisseur than most. In the England team setup, his collection is hands down the best.

After all, you don’t just stumble across new best fake Patek Philippe Platinum Grand Complication ref 5470P watches – the watch Kane was snapped wearing in his first appearance at the German giants – by accident. Aside bypassing the waitlists and the small matter of an estimated £750,000 price tag, you need to have some serious watch chops – and appreciation for the finer things – for this timepiece to even be on your radar.

As 1:1 copy watches expert Jack Forster said when it was released last year: “It’s a beautifully traditional design with some of the most sophisticated and refined watchmaking I’ve ever seen… and proof if you want actual horological content for your hard-earned pennies, it’s still very hard to beat Patek Philippe.”

Without getting too technical, this Swiss movements replica Patek Philippe is a 1/10th of a second monopusher chronograph, meaning the red hand you’d assume is a standard second hand actually rotates around the dial once every 12 seconds. Asking why is often not the point – it’s not a question that serves you well in watchmaking – but the craftsmanship that goes into creating this extremely sophisticated oscillating system is unrivalled. OG watch nerds like Jay Z know ‘why’ – to be the best.

Expert wholesale super clone watches spotter Nick Gould says, “[Kane] is a PP collector so I suppose he felt it was a more sporty option for his unveiling.” As a chronograph it does retain a sporty vibe to it. It’s likely Kane wore it simply because the red and blue detailing best matches Bayern colours – which they do. It wouldn’t be the first time he colour-matched AAA replica watches to an occasion, though the less said about him wearing a Rainbow Rolex Daytona instead of the rainbow armband at the Qatar World Cup the better.